Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Flooring Part 1

Who knows how many parts this will be in. I've decided to undertake ripping out all of the carpet in the van to put in something easier to clean.

I managed to get the front third done and my arms crapped out from all of the tugging. It does looking like installing new flooring won't be too difficult. The front will be a big of a nightmare since the carpeting was glued directly to the metal body of the van but from the dinette back there's carpet, padding and some sort of foam looking stuff that isn't glued down. I may be able to get away with putting new flooring right on that foam layer.

I haven't decided what to put in. I'm not leaning towards anything wood or anything wood-looking because it's too dark in the van now. Carpet is out because of the cats. I need something I can sweep clean. I also need something easy to install.

Let the search begin.


  1. Hahaha ... you said wood!

  2. this could coincide well with the replacement of those fuel thingy ma bobs, which would have dictated ripping up some carpet anyway. :)

  3. The foam stuff is called carpet pad. Best RV flooring material is single sheet vinyl, which requires a bit of skill to properly cut using a straight edge and a good razor knife.

    Baring that, Alure vinyl flooring is a good alternative to stick down vinyl tile flooring as it's more durable (usually used in commercial applications) and does not need to be glued down (can be installed as a floating floor).

    Alure can look like just about anything, I used it when doing the bathroom remodel for the mother in-law.

  4. Oop, unless there's something unique to the van chassis she's got, usually changing out fuel sending units simply involves dropping the gas tanks, unplugging the old sending unit and pulling it out of the top of the tank, putting the new one back in place and strapping the tanks back up.

    Depending on how the tanks are secured, it would be day's work for me to do it, but for very few people would I do it for free, and most of those are folks that are calling in debts for labor they contributed to projects with me in the past.