Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Van TV & Storage

Though the TV hasn't actually made it into the van yet. Best buy had a sale so I went over and looked. Ended up buying a 19" LCD flat screen with a built in DVD player. 19 inches should be just big enough for the living space of the van. I had a few requirements - the TV had to be a flat screen, work as an external monitor,  it had to have a left loading DVD player and had to be big enough to be seen from these vantage points:
  1. While sitting in the reversed passenger seat.
  2. While at the dinette, seated behind the driver's seat/
  3. From the attic bed
The TV is an off-brand as I'm not one to bitch about whatever "p" it's running at as long the TV functions. I ended up paying about $190 for a LCD TV with a built in DVD player (that loaded from the left side since that was absolutely necessary) It also plays CDs and Mp3s and works as an external computer monitor.

Now I just need to find an articulating arm that will stand up to being in a vehicle and has a way to lock it against the wall when not in use.

I also picked up a new storage unit for inside the shower. The last one I bought worked well enough but was too wide. I decided to go taller yet more narrow so I can also fit a couple of cat carriers next to it.

Put together carriers are going to be a safety necessity so I picked the three with the most picky assembly hardware. Those are the ones that take me longer than 45 seconds to put together and won't be of use in a safety situation unless they're already built. They have the added benefit of allowing Anchovy and Tadpole to still sleep in their cubbies where they like to be. The top one is being used as storage for stuff that can't get squished.

I'm not any closer to having the mechanical work done. While I realize I could attempt to do it myself - that could take centuries so I'm still looking for someone to help me out.


  1. Let me know if you find the arm you're looking for. I've been in the market for one and haven't found one for a fair price yet.

  2. I've found one so far that extends 16" from the wall and has a spring loaded lock for $89. I'm trying to find it for a better price.