Friday, February 10, 2012

Rain, Snow & Other Musings

Bleah. Supposed to be crap weather for the next two days. Figures, I planned to change the oil in the van tomorrow.

Tonight is a rare night out for me. Heading out to Orpheus with friends for b-day celebrations. It's goth night so I'm gearing myself for an onslaught of music and people (including youngin's since it;s an 18 and over bar) I don't particularly care for. The company of my friends will be good. Hopefully this trip to Orpheus won't end as badly as the last time I went there.

On the last fated trip to Orpheus I drank waaaaayyyy too much, knocked over their gumball machine, trashcan and a friend of mine. Proceeded to get entirely belligerent and spent 12 hours of the next day vomiting my guts out which busted the blood vessels in my right eye.

Fun, eh?

I don't actually plan on drinking more than 2 drinks tonight because the fuckity surroundings will likely put me into a belligerent state. Hell, they may have my picture next to the door and not even let me in. Heh.

I'm also now on the hunt for a small motorcycle I can put on the back of the van for short distance driving when I'm parked somewhere. No idea what I want.

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  1. Stay away from the HD sportster...and the whole HD syndrome. There are much better bikes, with much less maintenance, and much less costly. Get at least a 650cc or you will never be satisfied.