Thursday, February 02, 2012

Life in the TP - Rule Reminder

I really don't understand my property management company. I just went to get the mail and in there (with no postage which is a federal offense I believe) was a notice titled "Rule Reminder"

I have apparently been issued a violation of community rules "per corporate visit". It says I need to power wash my home in the next 7 days.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Right. I'll get on that ASAP. Just like the last 5 times they've told me I need to power wash my house and the 4 times they've told me I need to remove a branch from the side yard. Oddly, that branch is still there (has been for nearly 7 months) and yet corporate didn't say anything about it.

Do they really think I'm going to spend the time to power wash a house they are trying to take from me? Idiots.


  1. LOL Wonder if they are real people running this place or machines. That would explain the stupidity of that letter. Your right Cherry its the against the law to do put a letter in the mailbox EVEN if you live there. Check here You'll have to copy and paste to browser sorry.>>>>

  2. Yep, I figured as much. 6 years they put every bill, notice, calendar reminder and contest notice in the mailbox with no postage. Wonder if there's a reward for turning people in?

    Just for the record, my rules violation was hand written heh.

  3. I would go outside while it's raining with a squirtbottle set on mist. Just to show I tried my best.

  4. I'm not sure if there is a reward for it, but there certainly are fines for it.

    also, I read somewhere(not super reliable) that it is a 5 year /250K fine for doing this. But I can't find any information for rewards.