Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 2 - After Eviction

I'm at G's house taking up residence in an extra bedroom. I feel okay. Won't say there hasn't been anxiety and a few panic attacks but overall I feel like I've taken this pretty well - I should I had a lot of time to prepare. I panic mostly when I think I've forgotten something that I can't find.

Today I went over to the house to pick up any mail that was left and to look for a small box I can't find (it has all my nail trimming tools in it and my daily wear charm necklace) I thought I packed it in the van weeks before the big move out but I have no idea where I put it heh.

The cats have taken well to moving from a whole house to a single room. I'm thinking this was probably a good down-sizing exercise for them since the next one moves us into a 19' living space. They worked out some grumbling but no real fights which is a plus.

The weather today looks pretty crappy so I guess I won't be tearing out the inside of the van (figures because yesterday I reorganized most of it) to look for this missing box. I think I may have put it under the plywood shelf in the tub but it's going to take some unstacking to get to it.

So begins this chapter. I plan on starting the next chapter in April right after my birthday. That's when I'll move into the van full time.

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  1. Hi Cherry my comp is ill right now so Im at the library posting. I would guess moving is stressful enough right? Anxiety seems so normal for what your going through. On top of that you have have your kitties to worry about. Sounds like your doing good so far. :)