Thursday, February 09, 2012

Color Me - Unsurprised

In the nearly 30 years of coloring my hair I have realized one thing - red is the worst color to get out if you don't want it that color anymore.

The lighter brown I used was nearly the same color as my natural color but as it has faded out the red has begun peeking through again. This time I'm going for a darker brown. It's going to look severe at first (though no more so than when I was coloring to black) but I think it will gradually fade to the color I want.

So . . . here I sit with a head full of chemicals for the next 30 minutes. Whoopie. Here's hoping the red will be covered over so the brown doesn't turn brassy as it fades.


  1. i really like your new profile pic. you look purty in it. i think it's the kind eyes look you're rocking there.

  2. Aww, well thank you. That's the thing about having grey eyes - they can look extremely kind or extremely piercing. I'd like to think most of the time I look on people with kindness. You really have to tick me off before I start shooting daggers. I need to update the pic with the new hair color.