Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shower -Tub Turned Closet

G cut a piece of plywood to sit over my tub so I can use it as a closet when I'm not bathing. Bathing is a little way off since it seems I'm going to have to replace my waste tank due to the idiot before me breaking the whole nozzle contraption off.

The wood is working wonderfully. I can fit my three drawer organizer in there along with my medical records, cleaning supplies, portable CD player (the one in the van doesn't seem to be working - big surprise, eh?) and first aid kit. A couple of bungees and some non slip pads and it's perfect! Under the wood I can stash things I wouldn't want someone to be able to get to easily were they to break into the van. It's a nice secure little hidey hole that takes some time to get to so I doubt anyone who isn't willing to take the entire van isn't going to take the time to move all of the stuff off it to get under it.


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