Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Woot woot! Paid a visit to Jim's Battery Warehouse & Auto Service today. I love those guys! They have always been fair, treat me respectfully, are funny, informative and helpful. I went to replace my house and drive batteries. What luck! They had just received batteries with mild cosmetic damage that doesn't affect how they function and asked if I would be interested. They came with the same warranty as an undamaged one would but were $50 cheaper because of the damage. Install away! Now I have two deep cycle batteries for the price of what one would have cost. They also replaced my terminals and made them easier for me to get off and on should I need to. The whole deal set me back $147

I'll probably have to go back to have the house battery installed since I had the battery pulled before I got there and left the mounting bracket behind when I went. Oopsie. They said just to come in and they would pop it in for free. I would have waited to install it anyhow since it started raining while I was there and who wants to crawl around on the wet ground under a dirty van?

Jim was also able to point me to someplace who would be able to inspect my propane system to make sure it's safe to fill.

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