Thursday, January 19, 2012

Packing, Packing, Packing

A few months ago I downsized all of my belongings. I cut out everything I absolutely didn't want or wouldn't need.

I didn't do enough.

Aside from the fact that my Camper Van isn't very well-built when it comes to space usage I am at a cross-point where while I'm still here in MD and dealing with chilly temperatures I need warmer clothing. Warm clothing is bulky, it takes up a lot of space. It seems that until I finally move to warmer climates the van is going to be very, very crowded. I did manage to tuck away all my warm weather clothing into the two tiny little closet spaces provided. I left one cabinet open to function as a pantry but since I haven't had the LP system inspected yet to even know if it's safe I might as well pack clothing into that as well. I also will have a plastic three drawer organizer that will ride on one of the dinette seats because as a crafter, I sort of need some of that stuff.

I imagine I'm still taking more than I need but anything I don't use in 4 - 5 months will get weeded out sown the road.

I'm short on time since I likely have to be out of here by tomorrow. I still have to move the cats into the van but am waiting until absolutely necessary to do it.



  1. Invest in thermals since they're a great way to help keep warm without adding a lot of bulk to your clothing space.

  2. Concerning space. I've been wondering if those "As seen on TV" plastic bags would work if you had a small vacume cleaner to suck the air out. Then you could put summer away flattened and replace with winter.