Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Shelves!

Yesterday G and I went to a local RV place. It wasn't much use since I didn't find the thermostat I need and we didn't figure on measuring the little outlet for my power cord. On the way home I got to thinking about the one big closet that's built into the van. I assume it was made to be a hanging clothes closet but I have to say that I don't think that makes much sense since who really hangs their camp clothes? Let alone the fact that I can barely get a hanger in the space and on the hooks provided.

G and I brainstormed about it and decided to try building in a couple of shelves. I've been using a plastic closet hanging organizer but it kept falling apart between the weight of my clothes and bumps while driving. It would sway back and forth causing the clothing to fall off. On top of that it really wasn't utilizing all of the available space to an efficient capacity.

Some scrap wood from his warehouse and an hour or so later - I have two spacious shelves! They rock cookies! One shelf now holds as much as the entire organizer I had in there. They make better use of the space not only on the shelves but under them on the floor area because I can now actually see to access the floor area.

I did a slight bit of reorganizing yesterday and plan to do some more today while I have daylight. Tuesday is my last day in the house as I have made the decision to be done with the stress of waiting for the sheriff's department and am just going to take off.
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