Friday, January 27, 2012

More on The Weather

I woke up very early today to the sound of thunder. Rain was just pouring down in loud, fat drops. The last time it rained like this I discovered a leak from the roof vent in the van so I quickly donned some shoes and a hood to run out and make sure there were no leaks. Plus, I wanted to hear how loud this rain was going to be while in the van.

Huzzah! No leaks!

In the van the rain sounds wonderful. I almost just wanted to curl back up and sleep some more outside in the driveway but I need to finish packing up. The weather is near 60 degrees outside - in January. So unusual but very welcomed. I can't say I would really call what we've had this year "winter". Nearly every day has been in perfect mild temperatures. I can definitely get used to this and I'm taking it in as a good omen for my future survival.

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