Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day In The House

Please excuse any typos. It's a little chilly in the house this morning so I have two cats on my lap which makes typing on a netbook awkward to say the least.

Today is our last day in this house. I'm not wholly sure how I feel about it yet. The weather is supposed to hit in the mid-sixties (bizarre for late Jan) today and the rest of the week is also set to be quite warm though with some rain. I have one more pass to do on the belongings I'm abandoning just to make sure I'm not leaving anything I want to keep or don't want people to find. I still have some clothing to move into the van but need to reorganize yet again before I do that since I'm also going to have to accommodate 6 cat carriers. I also have stuff sitting in the mouse's pre-built van cubby that I need to find a spot for.

Yesterday Silver popped by and picked up a box of books as well as my computer tower for storage at her place.

Things left to do directly connected to leaving this house:

Turn off electricity
Cancel FiOS and turn in box, remote, router
Go get a new mailing address that isn't a PO box and isn't in this town
Super glue locks shut (yeah, I realize it's petty and a bit passive/ aggressive but hey, if they want to take my house from me they're going to have to work for it)

Tomorrow morning I plan to pack up the cats and take off. Not sure where I'm going since I plan to sort of stay in the area. I have an offer from G to use a spare room or his driveway for a bit which is nice to have in the back of my mind and I definitely think the driveway is feasible since it will give me a chance to acclimate to living in the van in a safe, private environment where I can plug in.


  1. Wow I didn't realize you were doing this so suddenly. LOL I love the super glue.HEHEHE clever. Put the whole bottle on them.
    I think thats a good idea about your friends driveway. You won't be up all night be nervous about every sound ...or maybe you still will? I know I'll be up for weeks. They say that will happen to us folks. I wish you luck and let us know how your fairing.

  2. I don't have much say over when I go since they're taking the house from me. I'll still have internet (and right now am still in the house) once I am out so I'll be updating regularly.

    G has been a life saver in all of this. Just goes to show what sort of great friends you can meet on the interwebs.