Friday, January 13, 2012

Kitty Shitter

A cat in a van presents some issues regarding a litter pan and where to put it. Six cats in a van presents an even larger issue.

My original plan was to place the litter pan in the tub. This seems to be the norm amongst full-timing cat owners. The problem with that for me is the litter pan size. While I'm prepared to scoop multiple times daily I realized that any covered ('cause who wants to look at that?) pan was going to be far too small for the fur squad's happiness. After much sitting, thinking and staring at my vans setup I came to the conclusion that for their happiness as well as mine the litter pan would go under the rear dinette seat. The lovely thing about my dinette seats - there is a little door on the front of each seat.

Off to Target I went to purchase a litter pan that would fit. I decided against a pan sold as a "litter pan" (they're pretty expensive when you think about it) and headed for the home storage section. I came away with a 28 quart under-bed storage container that fits perfectly under the seat. Not only does it fit perfectly but it leaves room for a 27 pound bucket of litter! Perfecto!

Now I'm in the process of getting them used to going into a little door to use their potty. I found a cardboard box that's the same size as the dinette seat compartment, cut a little door in it and what do you know, the fur squad has no issues using it.

Yes, I'm giving up much needed storage space since I originally had my tool box, electric plug in cord and a few fuse storage boxes in there but those can go in the tub and on the bright side I won't have to clean litter out of the tub to use it. Unfortunately the front dinette seat has my furnace bits under it so there isn't much in the way of storage there but I can put the two smaller tool boxes containing my extra fuses in there.


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