Friday, January 20, 2012

The Fuzz - Part 3 - The Immortal

This is my nearly 6 year old Deer Mouse - the oddity in my Fur Squad. She was originally named Jaws due to the fact that she bit me when I attempted to sex her prior to euthanizing her. Once she bit me I knew she would be strong enough to live so she came home and took up residence in an old 10 gallon aquarium I had.

I don't mess with her or handle her so she's got a pretty cushy life. She's outlived two friends and when the last one passed I decided to stop buying her new friends (I truly think she's eating their souls so she can live) When she hit over 2 years old she became The Immortal. Well past her life span, she's happy and healthy so I needed to make room for her in the van.

Today her living space was downgraded from the 10 gallon glass tank to a cozy 5 gallon acrylic flat back hexagonal tank. She also got a new running wheel since I've noticed lately she doesn't run in the metal one anymore. I think since she's a bit geriatric the bars were too far across so she's now got a toes & tail safe plastic non-squeaking wheel.

The tank fits perfectly where the old microwave was and even leaves room to stow her bedding material. I don't bother buying mouse food and just toss scraps of whatever I eat and occasionally some cat food into the tank - it's worked for 6 years I'm not going to change it now.

She's currently very busy rearranging her bed (a fish tank skull full of fluff) and the bedding to suit her needs. Seems no worse for wear with the downgraded size.

One more thing off my to-do list.


  1. Little fuzzy is so dare cute!Hmmmm, might say something about your own diet being good, unless the cat food is the key to longevity!

  2. How cute. Ive had pet rats that have lived longer than usual..nobody ever believes me. We are hooting for her here.

  3. Have you noticed a grotesque oil painting of a mouse in your storage area? The Picture of Murine Gray?