Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Devil Didn't Bother With An Ending

Went to see The Devil Inside last night. I'm a horror junkie who admittedly has issues with how movies end 99% of the time so gong in I knew that would be an issue. What I didn't consider is that the whole movie is exceptionally slow with little to no actual action. Everything you see in the preview is what happens in the movie. There are no additional scares or creepy parts. The movie seems to end mid-scene with a note to follow the investigation on some website so it was like watching an hour and a half long commercial.

For a movie with an "R" rating it definitely didn't push any boundaries except the bounds of boring. I like a good creepy, slow building story as long as the creepy is present.

I also didn't realize until after I bought the tickets online that #1 Yesterday was the opening day of the film. #2 It was Friday night. The movie was sold out. Every seat in the theater was full. I don't do well in large crowds, they make me tweeky.

My third issue is that for the last 10 minutes of the movie I felt like I was dying in the theater. I don't know what happened but I broke out in hives and went on a coughing spree that nearly caused the poor folks in front of me to wear a not so fine spray of lemonade. My throat started closing and it was just a little bit of insanity.

The movie gets a whopping half cherry from me. Not worth seeing since you can get more creep action from a TV movie of the week.

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