Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

This has absolutely nothing to do with my soon to be life but everything to do with good friends and interesting times.

A few weeks ago I received an email from my friend H. She and her husband are having a NYE party at their house but it's going to be themed. They want to have, as she puts it, "a dapper party". We are encouraged to dress from the mid to late 1960's (a la Mad Men - a show I have never watched). I'm not one to shirk theme parties or the fun of dressing up so I've decided to go Brigitte Bardot inspired. The 1960's weren't really a time for long hair with a few exceptions very late in the decade and I don't quite feel like dressing like a hippie. I assumed by "dapper" they meant cocktail attire so a few trips to the thrift store and I came away with a short gold & silver sequined cocktail dress, gold & clear kitten type heels and a gold purse (this is more shopping then I've probably ever done in my life for an "outfit"). I was able to attain a very close approximation to what I saw me wearing in my head so that was a very good thing.

I never do much with my hair so I actually had to search how to style a messy yet glamorous looking 'do as well as 1960's make-up tips. It is now 12:40pm and I am beginning what is going to take me several hours to do since curling my thick hair takes forever and I want the curls to be sort of wilted and wavy in time for the party - where's my bump-it when I need one?

I'm looking forward to the party and seeing some friends whom I haven't hung out with in a while.

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