Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why Did No Police Help Scott Olsen?

Video of Scott Olsen being shot in the face with a "non-lethal police projectile"

This is shocking but what is even more shocking is that NO POLICE MOVE TO GET THIS MAN HELP. On the sidelines not only do police watch as other protestors try to get aid to Scott but they additionally toss a flash grenade into the group.

Since the start of Occupy I and many other people have been saying that the police are not our enemy. They are doing their job, what they are told to do by their superiors. After all, they each have their families and their lives to consider with respect to earning a living. None of us wants to see another family struggling to eat.

In my mind I thought that a good portion of police officers become police officers because they have an interest in helping the communities they work within. I thought there's a few bad apples but overall the police are good folks who mean well.

I'm rethinking my opinion.

No officers came to aid Scott as he lay unconscious on the concrete - not one officer came over the fence to help a person who was clearly wounded.


In Albany, NY police refused to arrest protestors which is a terrific first step in police officers taking their own minds back. I think we can all agree that some laws are in place for good reason but not all laws are worthy of enforcement. We need those police who joined the force full of good intention to help us in our good intention. We need to weed out those officers who joined the force so they can legally beat, harm, hurt, and otherwise harass peaceful citizen who are exercising their rights as Americans to have their voices be heard.

I can not understand why Scott received no aid. Why were there not ambulances there and ready? Obviously the Oakland PD knew what they were about to do by attempting to break up a large group of people. You can't tell me they expected there to be absolutely no injuries that would require medical attention. Even the crowd running from the tear gas canisters can cause a litany of sprained ankles, cuts, abrasions and broken bones so why were there no emergency assistance people on site?

Our system fails us - again.

Hang in there Scott! A lot of people are thinking of you and hoping to see you make a full recovery.

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