Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in October

Not typical for MD. I'm starting to panic about getting a RV and getting out of here before the weather really kicks in.


  1. cherry
    your finding ways to make money from your Horror interest is fascinating...maybe you could write about your process to make that happen..could possibly turn that into an income with an ebook or report for example...everybody trying to figure out how to leverage their interests into income. Would love to see any websites you are active on?? Also, we have a major effort animal shelter here on the lake in Clarksville virginia...summer tourist destination/fishing/boating...maybe you could "tie up" here with your van in exchange for help at the Lake Country SPCA???? Dust from

  2. Heya Dust,
    I've found a ton of animal rescues that participate in work camping and I'll probably print that list up soon for folks who might be interested.

    I've been extremely lucky to be able to find/ maintain or create contacts to help me fund myself through skills or goods. I make money in some odd ways that folks wouldn't believe . . . Wednesday I am scheduled to dance at a birthday party. I took a few belly dancing classes a bunch of years ago and with you tube am mostly self taught but it's enough to grab a gig when I need to.

    The trick is keeping enough variety in your interests to always be able to pull an easy $50 within a day or two.