Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OWS Money Hoarding?

I read an article earlier (as soon as I dig it back up I'll post the lin) that said that the OWS people have pulled in over $250,000 in monetary donations and tons of supplies.

Can we talk for a minute on why that money is not being funneled to other occupied cities? Why they are not sharing their money and supplies as most of them are pushing for.

I started off a very strong supporter of this movement but daily my support wanes - from overbearing moderators in the chats who ban people for exercising their 1st amendment rights to watching what was a movement for change turn into a single solitary goal of ruining the banking structure.

Sure, I'm poor and losing my house but I really don't care about the fed or any of that garbage. I'm upset because we, as Americans, do not get the fair say in our government that we should and people in general need to look out and do for each other more. Those are my only two investments in the Occupy movement.

Right now I am very disenchanted with the "people running things" and don't believe there aren't set leaders because there are and they will bite your face off if you speak against them.

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  1. As one GBHS gopher to another, please come cranky is outnumbered by dozens of very nice, very cool people...I've been to lots of sites and forums and bob's cheaprvliving site is populated by the best bunch I've ever run into. There's always one or two... You are missed. Dust