Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Boston

I'm just waking up this morning and I'm seeing reports that protestors were arressted in Boston.

I'm about to say something that is likely to be unpopular with my brothers and sisters. I do not speak for them, I speak for me.

The Boston folks were, as far as I know, politely asked to move back to their original encampment by the mayor and the police. The reason is because the second park just underwent expensive replanting and general landscaping.

If you were politely asked and offered a very good reason you should have moved and considered other options today. Instead several of our voices were arrested for no good reason.

Not only do we need to demand respect fro our side but we need to consider the other side. The people who may not be out there marching with us but are sympathetic to our plight. Ruining a recently renovated park that YOUR taxes paid to fix is a little on the stupid side.

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