Sunday, October 23, 2011


Okay, folks who know me know I am a horror junkie. I worked in the horror industry for 10 years as a moderator to a very well-known horror search engine, I worked as the author program director at the horror conventions that said website put on, I've worked as a horror fiction pre-reader and editor - so, I know my way around a horror tale.

Hellraiser has been and always will be my #1 horror movie. Sure the mythos gets a little foggy in the middle of the 9 movies that have been put out. Especially since 5, 6, 7 and 8 were all written as stand alone films that incorporated the Hellraiser mythos after the fact.

6, 7 & 8 were pretty much crap and 9, since Doug Bradley refuse to reprise his role, is already missing something as far as I'm concerned. I know Doug rather well, he's a wonderfully articulate guy who cares about the Pinhead character (see his one man show, AN EVENING WITH DEATH or read his book BEHIND THE MASK OF THE HORROR ACTOR if you don't believe me) and if he is unwilling to take on the role then I'm almost dreading seeing it.

Once upon a time a few years ago (4 now I think) I was looking to purchase a houseboat which I fully intended to dub HELLRAISER and deck it out in full Hellraiser motiff - perhaps my new home on wheels will go that way? I doubt I would be allowed into a campground if I did that though ;)

There were talks of a remake of the original that also does not have Doug as Pinhead but because the folks at Dimension Films are morons and the revolving door of directors the project will likely never grace our eyes and I'm thinking that's probably a good thing before they do any more damage to the franchise. The films really should have stopped at  after we got the full back story on the Lament Configuration .

Edit 11:15pm = Just finished Hellraiser:Revelations - the title has nothing to do with the movie. It should have been called Hellraiser: Shenanigans because this was one turd of a film. The absolute worst of the franchise so far. Guess that's what happens when you have your special effects designer write the script, replace Doug Bradley as Pinhead with a horrible actor who seems as though he's never seen a Hellraiser move (and by the way where were the sclera lenses? Pinhead is not Pinhead if he's got regular eyes FFS) and then film the whole thing in 2 weeks. You get a shoddy movie that is horribly acted and looks like it was filmed in two weeks.

Ugh. Gary, I'm sorry, I adore you but please stick to the effects and let someone else handle the writing.

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