Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm finishing up the first pass through what little bit of clothing I have in the house right now. Before I decided to live in a vehicle my plans were to stay briefly with my mother so I moved a very large portion of my belongings to her garage. We've since progressed our relationship to where we're not on speaking terms so the moving of stuff has been halted. On the good side what's there almost everything I would want to put in storage (anything that had value to be sold later) and a very large number of boxes of stuff I already marked to be sold so what's left here was the clothing I wear most often and all of the furniture and a few odds and ends (somehow my tool box/ camp gear and renaissance garb didn't go to DE - a premonition perhaps?)

First pass done -  I really don't have that much of a pile and I'm wondering if I'm not taking enough. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal 98% of the time so I don't own much else. Given that I've spent most of the last 20+ years in hospital scrubs I never had to dress "nice" for work. I don't go out much so I don't own much in the way of "club" clothes what little I do have I plan to pop on Craigslist and see if they sell and what doesn't will go to Goodwill or one of the three churches within spitting distance of my house.

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