Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fixture vs. Personal Property

I received a letter from the property management that they are going to exercise their lien and auction my house. I still haven't been given a 'get out by' date which sort of scares me. I don't like not knowing how much time I have. While the house is mostly packed and moved I still have stuff here that I intend to sell - a huge list of things I won't need/ can't use on the road like toasters, mixers, 99% of my clothing and convection space heaters. Not to mention all of the big furniture.

As I was sitting here compiling my ad for Craigslist I started wondering about the washer, dryer and refrigerator - they came with the house but can I sell them? After a bit of research I learned that yes, indeed, I can sell all three. The stove must remain as it is considered a fixture, the dish washer must remain because it is built in therefore a fixture. Likewise the furnace and AC. But, hell, the washer, dryer and fridge should bring me in about a grand together. Add it to the RV for Cherry fund! Woot woot!

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