Monday, October 21, 2013

Ingrid Wendt Healing Fund

This went off Saturday night as smooth as can be!

Yay this fundraiser is done, yay it went well! Huge thanks go out to my co-organizer Stacy Lute. I would have been lost without you, lady! You are the bees knees!

Huge thanks go out to:

All of the MDRF merchants and Friends of Faire who donated time, money or an item to the event. Because of you terrific folks we were able to raise over $5,300! That, combined with our online donations via PayPal brings us to I think just over $17,000. That is amazing!

The festival itself who donated a private privy! What a seriously wanted and fun item to get to auction!

The entertainers: The Rogues, Wolgemut, Tinsmith, DragonSong, Drum Runners, EJ Jones, bellydancers Kashira and Amustela, Sprite for the step dancing and our emcee for the evening Michael Rosman who wasn't feeling 100% and still kept the night moving and entertaining!

Our volunteers who stepped in and helped set up, tear down, sell tickets, work the door ect Erica, Shaun, Karen, Katie, Jen and Kim - if it weren't for you guys this would not have gone near as smooth as it did.

 It was great to get to see Hal the Piper piping away after his serious health issues just a few months ago. Hal and Judith can light up a room like no one I know.

HUGE grateful hugs go out to everyone who attended and bid on items. I'm touched and thankful for all of you.

Last of all, on a personal note, Joe and Diana Wheeler - you two are my heroes! They actually won the only item I was bidding on in the raffle auction and then gave it to me! Thanks to them I am the new owner of a Goodly Woods quilted maple mug. A couple of months ago I decided I wanted a wooden mug because my metal one really doesn't handle warm liquids well. I've shopped around and knew the right one would present itself. I can't wait to get the medallion made for the bottom of it!

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