Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Earth Harp

I have very few things on my "must see" list. Generally speaking when I travel it's by the seat of my pants. I really have no idea where I'm off to aside from some etched plans for festivals.

I just watched the season premier of America's Got Talent online. I love this show because it gives strange and unusual talent one might never know existed a stage. Not all of it is good but it's so worth watching for that one thing that moves you.

I found that tonight with William Close and his Earth Harp. Never have I seen music on such a scale as far as size and originality.

Here's some information about the Earth Harp from their website:

The Earth Harp is the longest stringed instrument in the world, with strings that extend up to 1,000 feet in length.

The Earth Harp uses architecture and landscape as part of the instrument. The architecture becomes the instrument.

The Earth Harp’s first installation featured the resonating chamber mounted on one side of a valley with the strings stretched out nearly 1,000 ft to the other side.

It turned the valley into a giant harp!

Amazing. The sound of it is both haunting and beautiful on par with a cello. I have now made it my goal to see one of these played before I die.

To check out what has me all excited see the following video:

You can see more Earth Harp videos by searching You Tube

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