Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trial Sized Stuff!

I was doing some browsing today for trial size condiments. People who know me know I always say that food is merely a way to get condiments into my body. Now, you won't find me sucking ketchup out of a bottle or anything - there has to be food but the Don't Drown Your Food shows of my childhood were lost on me.

Mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, honey - these are main staples of my diet. When I get into a vehicle I really don't want to have to deal with bottles that may leak or get knocked over and I'm hesitant to leave mayo in my vehicle unrefrigerated even though I've read it's ok to do. Individual packages seem to be the solution so a brief internet search and I found Wow.

Most of my pantry shopping will likely be done here. I'm one of those people who takes 4 bites of something and is full. Because of this I eat multiple times a day - upwards of 6 times or so. I only do one hot meal daily so this sort of shopping works well for me. I'm going to have to hit some local stores and see what I can find there and then fill out my non-perishables and cleaning supplies through the website.

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