Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I'm amazed that our people have been calling for change and even our current president ran on a platform of change and here we are 3 years later with no change.

With the last presidential election many Americans stepped outside of their comfort zone and elected Barrack Obama based on his platform of change. Racism runs rampant in this country and Obama's win should have been an indication of the sort of change Americans were looking for - after all, how many of us believed he would run the presidency differently purely because of his skin color and because his whole platform was based on his skin color? How has America changed other than that small fact? He has run this country just like "Big White Money" did. Good Americans were duped and what did you get for your trouble? Just look at what's happening around this country.

I'm going to say what I've been saying since I was a teenager - this country needs to stop electing people who are bred purely to be a president. We need to go back to have the everyman in office for our voices to be heard. I have voted outside of party lines since I was old enough to vote.

The Constitution was created to be changed, so that we were not locked into a system that wasn't working. Having your voice heard in today's politics is like screaming questions to a red carpet celebrity if you're a no name publication - you will be ignored. Now if you're a big name publication you'll have your VIP passes and a seat at the table next to t he celebrity of your choice as long as you greased someone's palm for the seat.

Economic separations have always existed in history and in every situation where that divide became too great and unfair the people rebelled. Throughout history you can see case after case of people becoming aware of their exploitation and fighting back.

This country is at a jumping off point the stand that people are taking now will be one for the books as long as people stand strong and find one voice.

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