Gipsy Dharma Boots

Monday, July 13, 2015

Black Over The Knee High Leather Boots

I have been coveting a pair of Gipsy Dharma boots for a while now. Working in the renaissance circuit I just know they would get a lot of attention because there is nothing like these being worn currently. Hell, I could probably be a US sales person for them because we are in dire need of new styled boots. Most folks either go with the heavy button down boots or those "Celtic" lace up ones.

While I'd love to just drop the money on a pair, being on a renaissance pay budget just simply doesn't allow for it. Thankfully the company does quite a few giveaways but I have never been lucky enough to win. Maybe one day, or maybe I'd get lucky enough to get a review copy because these would look fabulous under my new Rogues tartan arisaid this season.


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