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Monday, February 20, 2012

In Desperate Need Of A Mechanic

One who won't charge me an arm and a leg for the stuff I need done and someone who won't push me to fix things that I can't do right now. There is method to my madness. I am on limited income which means I have to do things in a certain order. Right now I need to get these two sending units I bought installed. They are taking up much needed space in the van. I also need to look into re-doing the exhaust. I know both tail pipes are in bad shape and need replaced but that's about as much as I know right now. It could probably stand to see an entire new exhaust since it's started running rather loud in the past couple days. A full tune up is also on my list.

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  1. I've been wondering how you've been doing. Glad to see things aren't too bad.

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I have a mech. here in Pasadena thats very reasonable. if you're interested I'll ask him for an estimate.

  3. That would be awesome.

  4. Cherry, while one cannot expect one to know how to fix everything, it might be prudent to arm oneself with a Chilton Manual for that year of Van and a 130 piece tool kit from Harbor Freight (bought one for a friend for around $40 for christmas) so that you can effect repairs and save the cash it would cost you for a mechanic as unless you try an under the table shop yer likely not going to get away for less than $60-100/hr for automotive labor these days.

  5. P.S. my exhaust has been shot for years, muffler's bottom if partially blow out and the last third of the exhaust assembly fell off earlier this year on a bump.

  6. You've probably posted this up, but I'm lazy. :) What year is your van? (make/model) I just did a quick look up on how to replace these things and they don't seem that difficult at all. If you have any mechanical ability they might not be much of a problem at all. --- Also, for the tail; the difficulty of replace those really depends on how far back one has to go to replace them. Most older make mufflers have multiple sections. (unlike my Jetta that is one piece that goes all the way to the catalytic converter.)..... If there are multiple sections, replacing muffler/tail pipe is a piece of cake with any co-ordination at all.

    and tune ups on those older cars aren't that tough to do yourself either. So.. I guess what I'm saying is .. I agree with Big Matt on getting a manual and some of your own tools. You could probably do these things yourself without too much of a problem. (And there are some serious step by step walk through's, on just about anything you need to do, online)