Friday, October 07, 2011


The mortgage company has finally piped up and sent a threatening letter. They say they I am in default (duh folks, I made a conscious decision to stop paying you 589 days ago) and they say I haven't responded (nope, sure haven't) and if I don't contact them in 7 days further action may be taken such as acceleration of my loan. Meaning they may ask for all the money I owe in full (is anyone else laughing.) Seriously, the WHOLE thing , eh? Good luck getting that. I'm going to declare bankruptcy and live in an RV.

Right now to save my home I would have to pay $6,700 to the mortgage company and 3,000 to the property management (ground rent) let me pull that out of my unemployed ass. It's not worth not eating to even attempt to pay for it when I can use the bit of unemployment I get to ensure I have a place to go when I lose this place anyhow. I've been hanging on by my fingernails for 3 years here - I'M NOT DOING IT ANYMORE!

All these letters tell me is that they haven't EVEN begun the legal process to take this house from me and they aren't going to let some rinky dink property management sell off a 3 year old $40,000 trailer in great shape for the measly $3k I owe. Oh no, they're going to want their money. So for now I have time to hang here rent/ mortgage free while they fight over who's going to get to take my house from me. Gives me time to stash some unemployment money and get a decent RV for the cats and me to travel in the name of good instead of running in that wheel of misery I've been in since I was old enough to be put to work.

And at any time I can file bankruptcy and stop them in their tracks under either 13 or 7. I really don't see a reaffirmation of debt from me so I hope they don't count on it.

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